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ESO Fansite List/Directory - Guides, Addons, Articles, Etc.

During my over-a-year of ESO I've found myself bouncing between quite a few sites for information on various aspects of the game. Today I realized just how long my list of bookmarks has become (I've been sitting on an encyclopedia), so I've decided to post my list here in case anyone finds it useful. Perhaps it could help many players, both new and old, know where to get reliable information on everything from quests, to builds, to theorycrafting, to lore. (No guild sites here, these are all general ESO stuff.)

NOTE: I did search the forum for "site list" and "directory" and nothing came up, but if there is such a thread please point me to it. Also, I waffled between General Discussion (usually people's first stop), Community Creations (being a list of fanmade sites), and Player Guides (being, technically, a GUIDE to fanmade sites...) as the proper destination for this post. Of course, moderators, please move it wherever, but I hope you see the source of my indecision lol.

I hope you find this list useful, and if you have a site of your own, please comment so I can add it! For now, these are alphabetical, but I'll likely edit them into categories if I can figure out how to handle the ones that fit multiple categories.

AlcastHQ - Character builds for PvE and PvP, endgame strategies
Curse - Major place to get addons
Dungeon Crawler Network - Skill guides, Let's Play videos
Elder Scrolls Looking for Group - Site to help organize and find groups
Elder Scrolls Off the Record - Humor, podcasts, videos, neat stuff - Guides, database
Elder Scrolls Wikia - General information
ESO-Database - Upload your characters' info, make it public or private, generate signatures for your character, has an app to update your info automatically (ESO-Network)
ESO-LFG - Site to help organize and find groups (ESO-Network)
ESO NEWS by @Elloa - Elloa's YouTube channel covering ESO news and current events
ESO-Skillfactory - Find and create builds, has skill calculator, also connects with ESO-Database above so you can add your character's build to their ESO-Database profile (ESO-Network)
ESO Academy - Guides, general info
ESO Fashion - Screenshots of (almost) all crafting styles, organized by armor/weapon type, etc. Also a section for people's customized outfits
ESO Gold Master - Gold-making guides (not sure if updated)
ESO Leaderboards - Leaderboards for pledges, trials, etc
ESO Status & Info by @P3ZZL3 - Live server status, ZOS news feeds, site list and more
ESO Universe - Guides, general info
Esohead - Database
ESOUI - Major place to get addons, many of the best authors seem to ONLY update here
Exploring ESO - Various interesting stuff, cool tips, neat things
Fextralife ESO Wiki - General information
Gaiscioch - Guides and such, other games too
The Imperial Library - Comprehensive lore library for all Elder Scrolls games
Nexus Mods - Major place to get addons, good if you're used to using it for Skyrim, Oblivion, Morrowind, etc
Reddit's TESO subreddit - ESO Reddit community
Searchable ESO Builds Database - Character builds (where to put skill points for optimal play for different playstyles)
Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages (UESP) - Comprehensive wiki covering all the Elder Scrolls games. Good place to go for pretty much anything. Here's a direct link to the main ESO page.
Reddit - ESO Reddit community
Tamriel Foundry - Guides, tons of info, cool interactive map, active community
Tamriel Journal - Elder Scrolls Online Fansite & Community. ESO News, Articles and Guides with Skyshard Map, Treasure Map, Item Sets, Dungeon Guides, Crafting and more.
Tamriel Trade Centre - Place to set up trades for items with other players
The Tamriel Vault - ESO, Skyrim, and Fallout community, forums, roleplaying, etc
Ten Ton Hammer - News, guides, articles
TESLOL - Funny or interesting screenshots, mostly chat logs, with a simple voting system (similar to for anyone who remembers that)
Teso-Delve - Upload character data to keep track of your gear, inventory, motifs and more across your account, with wishlist capability
TESO Life - Database, guides
The Elder Scrolls Online Roleplaying Community - Roleplaying and RP events
The Elder Scrolls: Unplugged - The official r/elderscrollsonline podcast by @Ixtyr
Undaunted By Style - A new style gallery.

ESO Champion - Described in a thread here but it doesn't seem to be up yet, and I don't know the current status of it
TESO Elite - Guides and addons, actually dead but listed here for historical value. Authors were planning to make a new site, status unknown

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