LFG PS4/5 EU farming leads in dungeons, sticker book, dungeon achievements, arenas, dailies.

Looking for a small solid group of people to just get group content objectives done, focus on one objective and grind and do it until we get the job done.
Not specifically trials that takes an entire team though I can join in for trials.
I have guild spaces so if anyone has a guild I can Join.
Though I would prefer just to create a PSN group and organise via PSN and the phone app.
Ideally just looking for a small group of decent people who are fun to play with, a team rather than a guild where people just join in whatever and things are more random than organised.

FYI about me:
I am a returning player.
Originally played on PC from beta, dropped at cadwell silver as there was no content.
Started on console after dark brotherhood, played up until summerset, joined again at greymoor, stopped at markath, joined again at high isle.
I am a tank main, spec as dd for overland content at the moment nearly 1100 CP.
Solid and experienced tank but will be rusty as skill is perishable.
Gear will not be meta atm too, though unlikely needed meta unless for trials.

Things I need a group for:
Farm for leads in a few dungeons.
Sharing dalies to get the achievements out the way.
Obscure PSN trophies in a few dungeons.
Farming all the dungeon sets for sticker book.
A few obscure dungeon achievements that requires a team to all go for it, like cradle of shadows no lights and imp city prison not be seen by watchers.
(Need loads of sludge slingers in mazzatan too as everyone skipped them lol)
Imp city sewers patrolling bosses.
Not done BRP at all yet, need to farm it and also learn mechanics.
(Not done any of the newest DLC dungeons since wolfhunter.)
Learn and perfect all dungeons from wolfunter onwards.
Farm vDSA for perfected weapons, I also still need 1 or 2 nDSA (OG vDSA) weapons. (Farmed vDSA loads with a great team years ago)
Blackwood portals.
Deadlands portals and walking havocrel bosses.

*probably more will edit if I can think of anything*

Of course I will help with whatever other people need too, I just listed things I can think of that I really need help with that I cannot do alone.

Ideally i want a team to be focused on doing one thing at a time, getting it done so we can achieve things and get it out the way like a tick list of objectives.
Other than leads and dalies being my primary things to do as priority objectives, everything else can be done in any order according to what the team needs.

You can message me here or on PSN. my PSN is my username here.
There is also a group together atm from PSNprofiles to get the achievements for the PSN trophies
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  • MidniteOwl1913
    I'm PS5/NA and play almost exclusively at night after 10 p.m west coast time. My daughter is a dedicated achievement hunter and I'm familiar with it for that reason although it's not something I seek out on my own... ;-)

    I'm a middling DPS but a pretty good healer. My templar is my favorite healer for vet right now, but the NB is looking really good post U35. For normal I use both of them and my sorc. I usually do 4 random normal dungeons most days.

    I mostly solo but am interested in maybe doing more things that require a group. I'm not terribly social, but I admit I'm getting a bit bored with what I can do on my own by myself. I'm in guilds, but my guilds are trading guilds.

  • Stinkyremy
    I'm PS5/NA

    Damn I should have mentioned it was PSN EU
    I changed the title now.
  • Dovetail_Stormrider
    Wish you were on NA
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