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ESO keeps wiping all addon data, settings, and MM data?

Soul Shriven
Hello all! Hoping some kind souls can help me with this, as it’s starting to affect my gameplay (and lack of even wanting to go back and recoup the data when it occurs so I don’t even want to play the game at all when this randomly happens). I’ve been playing since September (with maybe 7 addons) and have well over 1,000 hours logged in (90 these last 2 weeks lol) but can’t for the life of me figure out this bug / behavior so ANY help or guidance is BEYOND appreciated! I’m at a total loss and ESO Customer Service won’t even touch it because it deals with Addons (but I wonder if it’s a server / game issue)

It’s now happening often, but when I log in randomly (as in- no change to addons, no updating to addons, no opening of Minion (removed it in the past as I thought THAT was the culprit- it wasn’t), no changes to my PC, Windows 11 is *not and has never used OneDrive, nor to Steam, no username changes (I do have a dash in my name, but that has never seemed to change / be the cause of this issue), ESO doesn’t seem to be switching to using that hidden ProgramData ESO folder) absolute randomly, I start the game (PC/Steam/NA) to see all of my addons have been reset to default as if I just installed them all for the 1st time- my mini map is back to wonky default position and size and shape, my beam me up addon gives me a welcome message, etc- every single one is wiped clean of settings. The WORST is this ALSO erases ALL of my sacred Master Merchant and LibHistoir data that I meticulously collect and save- all wiped clean, showing 0 days (which, let’s be real lol, trade guilds are VITAL to make gold in the game and MM and similar addons they won’t touch, all help tremendously with this).

So, this little thing is actually becoming a BIG thing for me. This happened 2/8 at night. Spent 2 days trying to figure it out, doing 10 day scans for all my guilds, backing up my saved variables and addons and settings to a desktop backup folder. Then, this happened all over again last night after being away from the game for 3 days and I don’t event want to start this process again.

Is this happening to anyone else? Do we know why or how I can prevent it? Thank you for reading my rambling and any insight you can give! It’s truly appreciated and I absolutely love this game but feeling defeated.
  • WiseSky
    Where is your saved variables folder ?
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  • Baertram
    This could happen if your live/SavedVariables folder is blocked by your AntiVirus or Windows updates has crashed it, or you do not properly logout but use ALT+F4 to close the game, or teh client crashes.

    Within Windows 11 there might be also happening other strange problems that I do not know yet...

    Take a screenshot ingame and check the path written at the top right of your screen as it is done!
    Substract the folder "Screenshots" at the end and replace it with "SavedVariables" and you should know which folder it saves your addon data to.
    Allow this in your Antivirus and Antimalware tools.

    After logout backup the folder once a week and check if the files change date and time corresponds to your ingame sessions (SavedVariables are written at reloadui/zone change with loading sreen/logout/quit of the game).
    If not: Something blocks it. Could be any tool in your Windows, most of the time antivirus, or similar protective tools.

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