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Addon Similar to DBM?

Is there an addon similar to Deadly Boss Mods, (a WoW addon) for ESO? Something that warns you when something is about to happen and to move, or prepare or whatever in dungeons?
Lady Kat, from the Cheshire Cats.Interested in HEAVY RP? IC at -all- times?
  • Baertram
    There exist various single addons for different dungeons or trials.
    Use the addon search here and search for "helper" or "trial" or "raid" or "dungeon" e.g.

    One that is about to help with trials/raids is this addon:

    But the best is to learn the mechanics of the raids and dungeons by watching explanatory videos, watch the "say" chat for boss/enemy texts and watch the visuals of the enemies, as not all mechanics and enemy behavior can be detected and shown to you via addons (which is good!).
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  • Thee_Cheshire_Cat
    Aaaah so disappointing. :(

    Thank you for the reply, and the info.
    Lady Kat, from the Cheshire Cats.Interested in HEAVY RP? IC at -all- times?
  • Necrotech_Master
    a general one would probably be codes combat alerts

    then there are usually specific ones for certain content such as trials (qcells dreadsail reef helper, rockgrove helper, etc)

    i dont think theres any particular ones for dungeons though
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