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Loremaster’s Archive Q&A- Systres Archipelago Druid Lore

  • Solinar
    Druid Laurel of the Stonelore Circle,

    I was rather curious as to whether or not Y'ffre has his own name in the Druidic language that might not be used so much in the present day? Further, I also was curious if either Magnus or the Magna-Ge played a role in the religion of the Druids, as I do understand that the original Nede Druids revered the stars, in particular the Ritual. I was similarly curious to the nature of the name Galen itself and how it figures in with Druidic history and religion prior to the Druids migration to the Systres.

    Wizard Solinar of Firsthold
    Leyawiin Mages Guild
  • Benefactor
    Druid Laurel,

    I have two inquiries that I am hoping you might be able to shed some light for me on.

    I have noticed that the Reachmen have many similarities to the Wyrd and Druids. Considering the latter's connections that were recently brought to light, are there stories of the Druids and Reachmen interacting before the Druid King left for the Systres Isles?

    My second question is regarding Faerie or Fey. Ahrtabazus' book "The Faerie Chain" published in 2E 456 makes mention of these spirits and it seems they hold many similarities to the nature spirits the Druids commune with. Can you confirm if the nature spirits are the same as these Faerie and if so go into more detail regarding the symbiotic relationship between the Druids and the spirits the inhabit the Isles?
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  • Dr_Con

    Been some months since we spoke. I have that Davy Rick guy's bust hanging above my fireplace. Some of my house guests swear his beady eyes follow you around the room, and that his eyes swear revenge. Must have something to do with that seed we took from his cold, dead body, or perhaps there's something more to the story, something you may have left out. That's what this letter is about.

    Anyways, onto business, I believe you spoke about three different seeds from some druid king after telling me about the druid enclaves. As far as I'm concerned, that seed is as much mine as it is yours as you were unable to keep it safe on your own... But being the fact that it's an important artifact to your people, I'm willing to let your enclave have it despite your lack of security. It should go without saying that this comes with some conditions.

    What my party received as compensation wasn't really worth the effort, seeing as how I led the party to retrieve your enclave's treasure I request further compensation. Not in the form of currency, you see, but an offer. Someone in your position who was saved by my very presence in scaring off that Rick guy when I arrived is entitled to know more about what happened and to make a small request.

    I speak on behalf of my party members as well, and being that you are the most educated among your kind regarding history, and I am the most educated among my party, I have a few questions and one further proposition.

    One, how does one become a druid king?
    Two, would the second coming of a druid king potentially a threat of some sort?
    Three, can the druid king or the druids in general conjure a worthy foe? We bested the spirits of your enclave and were imbued with their power for a time, but where did they come from and why were they sealed in such a manner? I of course speak of the Fire Spriggan, the Nereid, and the Moss Indrik. Were these constructs, or did they possess a will of their own?
    Four, have the druid enclaves ever tried planting the seeds? In what manner?
    Five, should the need ever arise, you ought to have a recall spell to my home to deliver me the seed. As I have wrested the seed from the hands of those who would see harm to the world, I can be trusted to safeguard such an artifact. I have quite the guarded collection of artifacts, in fact, but I would see that this artifact is hidden away from the world until such time comes that it is needed, which seems to be something your enclave attempted to do but failed at until I showed up.

    Included in this parcel you will find the head of that werebear I killed for you. Hard to say if he was corrupted by its power, or if he was corrupted before receiving its power, but it's safe to say that this artifact is dangerous in unprotected hands during these times. I, on the other hand, have dealt with as many dangerous artifacts as my peer Divayth Fyr, who I expect will be paying you a visit before long, though I would expect him to either collect the seed for study or dispell its enchantments, with or without your permission. Such is his nature. This is a reminder, that you and your enclave put the seed into the wrong hands and were nearly wiped out because of it, and I doubt that you are able to withstand forces who would take it unwillingly. I would leave it untampered with, until such time comes that it is needed, and would return it once your people have proper security measures. Again, remember that Lyam and more of your people would be dead had I not arrived when I did, and I have no doubt that you would be dead as well.

    I leave you with a test. If you cannot bear the sight of the reminder sealed within the parcel, then you should leave the seed in my very capable hands for the immediate future.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Sithile, Undaunted, <the next several lines are several distinguished titles>

    <the last page of this letter is an intricate seal of recall, with instructions on how to bind it to the Seed, or to a response letter, for instant transmission to the requestor>

    <also Included with this letter is a large parcel containing the prepared and preserved bust of Archdruid Devyrick, with a look at menacing as the day he died>
  • ZOS_Kevin
    Hi All! We have come back to reopen the thread and provide you with the answers you seek! Click on the link here for answers from Druid Laurel! Thanks again to all of you who submitted questions.
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  • BlissfulDeluge
    Great to see more Breton druid lore. :)
    Former completionist. I have 50k+ Achievement Points and several trifectas.Avid RPer, writer and fan of all things Bretonic and Daedric.(Except contemporary druidism. Historical druidism is alright.)
  • Tyrvarion
    I really liked this Loremaster Achive. A lot of great lore there.
  • Aliyavana
    This is the best Loremaster Archive the new Loremaster has released. really enjoyed reading it
  • CoolBlast3
    Amazing archive, really good job. Well done guys!
    Keep 'em coming! :eyes:
  • Legoless
    Some interesting answers on the etymology of Galen!
  • Raulfran891
    Soul Shriven
    Excelent Loremaster's Achive blog, i'm happy to know more about druid lore... Now it's time to wait more of this blogs :wink:
  • Eporem

    The True Way is a promise we've made to the groves, to the seas, to the sky. It's not always an easy one to keep. Our devotion has been endangered more times than we can count. But we're still here, quietly tending to the Green in ways set down by our forebearers.

    If the True Way is a promise made, then what was the promise that was made to the groves, to the seas, to the sky, what were the ways set down by the Druids forebearers.


    This archdruid might explain the True Way, the promise made:


    "But our cooperation with nature spirits only works insofar as we respect them. We cannot hope to commune with nature spirits by denying them their domains or forcing them into work, nor by binding them to our wills (if such a thing were even possible). We must do our best to understand each spirit we intend to work with at any given time. For example, is the spirit a protector? A guardian? We could not ask an unmoving spirit of stone to help grow our crops, just as we could not ask a gentle spirit of the flowers to defend us from predators. Communing with nature spirits requires one to introduce themselves to the spirit first and establish a relationship with them. A friendship, even.

    Spirits can be influenced by druid magic, but I often advise against it. Unless a spirit is suffering, there is no reason to interfere with its natural state. Even aggressive spirits are better left alone and unprovoked than changed. This is the True Way. After all, if we could control nature, our world would be lesser for it. That has never been Y'ffre's will. Besides, it can be quite dangerous if errant magic twists a spirit's disposition.

    In summation, we druids seek to honor nature and we do our best not to imbalance what already exists. It is an honor uniquely ours that we can commune with the many spirits of the land and sea, and one we should never take lightly."

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