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Crafting Potions for Profit? (also selling Alchemical Ingredients as well?)

Do potions like invisibility or other buff potions sell well? I figured tri-stat is basically useless because of the daily rewards practically throwing them at you. I also figured during events like Mid-Year Mayhem or this Imperial City event they'd sell good too. Another thing is poisons...would they sell at all? Now I'd understand if they were for a build that uses a lot of poison damage or is themed around an assassin but otherwise then that they are generally are a neglected aspect of the game. One of my mates said that unless its Spell Power pots it generally sits for awhile in the guild stores. Or would it be more profitable to sell alchemy ingredients instead of the potions/poisons?
  • tmbrinks
    Your mate is pretty much correct.

    Spell Power Pots will sell (if priced right)

    Weapon Power Pots might sell, but not as quickly

    I personally don't sell pots at all, just the materials and they fly off the shelf
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  • JKorr
    Some of the alchemy flowers and mushrooms sell for 500+ gold each. A guildmate had a small breakdown when informed {at that time} worms were selling for 45 gold each. They had never thought about selling bait. Anything to do with furnishings will also sell; mundane runes, heartwood; anything that takes time to accumulate, basically.
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