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New player is looking for group (EU)

Soul Shriven
Hey, i just started to play the game and looking for some ppl to play with
message me on discord of interested: Cinnix#4251
  • HyekAr
    Me too, I started nearly, and I am looking for a group, more PVE oriented than PVP, ppl who likes doing dungeons etc.
  • cyberjanet
    Are you guys on PC-EU? And did you find a group?

    I'm sniffing around here looking for a handful of people to help fill our Wednesday trials, which start at 7.30pm UK time. They are usually normal trials, not vet progression hard mode challenging stuff. We open every chest and every heavy sack. We take our time, we joke on Teamspeak, but you have to bring your own beer. Every so often we stop and wait while someone puts their kid to bed, or refills their glass, or answers the door or telephone. We trade armour at the end for those wanting to fill up sticker books or who are trying to collect a set. Just lately, we haven’t had enough to fill the group, as many who used to join have moved onto vet progressions.

    That said, we'll tackle a vet if the group is right and everyone has CP.

    We're an older crowd, we keep the guild under 100 members so we can get to know each other. Our official inactivity period is four months.

    I have cleared a couple of spots in the guild but there are not a lot of places. I really don’t want to go and do a full-out recruitment. If you're interested let me know, tell me a little about yourself and what you enjoy in the game.

    It's probably best to message me ingame @cyberjanet , friend me or send a mail, as I'm not the OP of this thread and won't get notifications. I will watch it for a couple of days.
    Edited by cyberjanet on 19 May 2021 09:29
    Favourite NPC: Wine-For-All
    Mostly PC-EU , with a lonely little guy on NA.
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