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Soul Shriven
Hello everyone :smile:
thought i’d give it here a shot since it’s pretty hard to find anyone ingame.

I‘m a console transfer and was in a super high endgame pve guild as Main Healer. We did score push on leaderboards and I got the titles TTT, IR, GH, GS, DB and almost PB. But I quit the game for a few years since it was super toxic.

Im on PC NA since 2 months now and still grinding some sets etc.
I was hoping to either way find a friendly but experienced group to join as Healer in their Core Group OR to find enough people who are like-minded and wanna get TRIFECTA CLEARS together. :)
It’s hard to build up a small, consistent group since most of the people have already a core group but I just hope that there are still people out there who might want the same (TANKS, HEALER, DDs).

With experienced people, i don’t mean necessarily players who have already all the titles or clears yet, or are super sweaty, but more like people who know the mechanics of the trial and just need to refresh them together and also who know their classes and what sets are meta etc. (obviously everything should be able to be discussed together without any toxicity etc.) :smile:

I’m against any drama, toxicity and cockiness. I just want a group with great teamwork and that we are able to give each other feedback if needed, to get better.
Practicing or refreshing mechanics in trials should still be fun :smile:

I‘m available for now at Tues, Wed.,Thur.,Frid. around 1pm - 7/8 pm EST.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day :smile:
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  • Jadeazu
    Soul Shriven
    My guild Sanguine's Gift does Challenger achievements on our downtime.. Which is normally Sundays and sometimes Fridays. I want to eventually get a core dungeon group inside the guild together for Trifectas. If you are interested in checking us out, give me a shout on here, Jade#6070 on Discord, or in game @Jadeazu. It's not exactly what you want but we can surely work towards it together. Our other healer hasn't been online lately otherwise we'd be working on vSCP trifecta right now.
  • Khiiko
    Soul Shriven
    Thank you for your reply! Sadly it didn’t work out :/
    Edited by Khiiko on 20 March 2024 12:24
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