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PC/Mac Patch Notes v9.2.7

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The Elder Scrolls Online v9.2.7 includes several fixes for Endless Archive, including situations where you could lose a thread inexplicably and making it so pets and companions take less damage. Also included are a couple crash fixes and a fix for some passive effects persisting through restricted ability bar effects. The size of this patch is approximately 148MB.


  • Fixed some additional issues where abilities that granted passive effects for slotting on either bar could persist through restricted ability bar effects, such as Werewolf and Oakensoul.

Class Sets
  • Nobility in Decay: Fixed an issue with this set’s tooltip cooldown not displaying properly.  


Endless Archive
  • General
    • Pets and companions will now take less damage from encounters, as originally intended.
    • Companions now correctly receive the same Vision that you select for your character.
    • Fixed an issue where certain items on Filer Ool were unavailable to purchase for ESO Plus members and were displaying an incorrect error message.
  • Verses and Visions
    • The Extended Favor Vision now correctly increases the duration of all sources of Minor and Major effects.
    • Avatar transformations are now correctly removed when the Verse is removed.
  • Stages
    • Threads will no longer be inexplicably lost in some arenas.
    • You can now reliably knock enemies off specific stages without suffering a thread loss or hindering progress.
    • Your character no longer has a chance to be teleported from within the correct stage.
  • Cycle Bosses
    • Zhaj’hassa the Forgotten’s Dark Monoliths will no longer disappear prematurely.
  • Arc Boss – Tho’at Replicanum
    • Fixed an issue where your character could self-resurrect during the Tho’at encounter at higher arcs.

  • Fixed a rare crash related to Companion gear.
  • Fixed a rare render-related crash that could occur when playing on a PC with multiple screens connected, with the game running on a secondary screen.
  • Fixed a rare issue where crowns were occasionally not being delivered with certain purchases.

  • Seeker's Archive: Fixed an issue where you couldn't talk with Hermaeus Mora's statue if you had previously completed the Necrom storyline.

  • Updated the icon for the Basalt Assault achievement.
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