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OMG, bring back old Barbed trap cooldown

Seriously I don't know who asked for this improvement, but these people definitely don't play PS4. Now, when you use a trap, you never know if you really used it. The best identifier that this was the case was the origin - the player could visually confirm usage of allskills. However, now, especially in cases where the trap is followed by a panel switch, this leads to misunderstandings and mess. Once again, I'm happy for people who have new consoles, but on old 4th versions, especially in raids, the game slows down a lot and bring slideshow, loosing some pushed buttons, bar switches etc. Under such conditions, this nice innovation is pure pain. Return as it was please or remove 2 seconds cd at all.
  • boi_anachronism_
    It still doesn't fire sometimes on my PS5 bro. I feel ya here.
  • Sluggy
    I'm sorry this is.... totally my fault. Long ago I used to haunt the sewers of the Imperial City. One of my favorite tricks (especially during IC events when players unfamiliar with PvP were ever-present) was to lay down a trap in the narrow tunnels leading out of the bases and into the sewers. Often these tunnels were filled with a little bit of water which would perfectly hide the trap (you know, the way a trap is supposed to work!). I would then stand just behind the trap and use the /playdead emote. Without fail there would always be someone that was unfamiliar enough with PvP who would see my "corpse", give pause for just a moment, and then presume me to be dead without ever verifying to look at my healthbar. As they approached the trap would spring and as they panicked to understand their predicament I would leap and and lay into them with every bit of burst damage I could muster!

    It was great fun and a really unique use of the trap. But alas, ZoS had enough of my hi-jinks and decided it had to go. I pleaded with them and tried to drum up some support in the PTS forums when the change was announced. A few people even agreed that the change was bad for various reasons other than my own, such reasons as you now make yourself.

    Again, sorry about that. There are a few other such dasterly things I've done that they immediately discovered and nerfed to the ground (and no they weren't exploits they were actually how the skills were intended to be used). But no worries. I rarely play more than one or two days a year anymore. Though by the sounds of the PTS forums, others have followed in my wake with their own sources of fun which ZoS righteously cuts down patch after patch.

    Yours truly,
    ~The Fun Ruiner
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