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werewolfes and light attacks

Increased the scaling of all weapon Light Attacks by 50% and Werewolf Light Attacks by 20%, and introduced a stat scaling limit on these attacks so they stop benefitting from Weapon or Spell Damage and Magicka or Stamina after reaching 3850 damage for weapons and 4813 for Werewolf.

I'm sorry, but I missed this in time. Why werwolfes light attack scaling capped at 4800? My werewolf bosmer unmorphed have 4687 raw weapon damage without one ring glyph, 4562 morphed (without +20% bonus) and without any special setup for those stats. So basically any decent werewolf will OVERHIT this cap without ANY buff to wpd. Why is that?
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  • Necrotech_Master
    if im reading this right, i think its capping the light attack actual hit dmg to 3850 (non-ww) and 4813 (ww), but i havent tested this to be sure

    reading the notes they increased the dmg scaling for light attacks from weapon/spell dmg and max mag/stam and saying that once the light attack is doing that amount of dmg, it will no longer receive scaling, essentially hard capping the dmg that its doing
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