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Been Away For A LONG Time - Couple QQs

Hello all!
It's been over a year & a half since I last logged on (insanity IRL! :tired_face: ) So I have a CRUDLOAD of issues with AddOns at this point, so trying to sort them out - not sure if it might be related to adding on the new HIGH ISLE UPGRADE (and will be pre-ordering NECROM). So I am at this point, having to disable ALL of my current AddOns to see where things stand. Seems a lot has been happening in my absence, I hope for that better! :)

Aside from the AddOn IU Errors (which I posted more details on in the Players Helping Players section), and other IMPORTANT issues I should be aware of?

Thanks much!

--- DS
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  • Soarora
    What’s important depends a lot on what content you intend to do. I think the only thing that really affected everyone was account wide achievements.
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  • Mithgil
    Are you using Minion as your AddOn manager? If so, it should just be a matter of updating your addons through that and all should be good. You can check to see if some addons have gone defunct, and make sure you have all the Dependencies an addon will need. They do change.
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  • virtus753
    Your own upgrades (as in DLC that you buy) never break or even impact add-ons. The issues arise from changes that come with the base game updates that are forced on all players alongside DLC releases. (You actually have all the content for the whole game already downloaded; purchasing content just unlocks the ability to access those areas, skill lines, etc., in game.) High Isle’s concomitant base game update, like most, required a number of updates for add-ons as well. I know of at least one add-on formerly available through Minion that now has to be updated with a file on NexusMods to work properly since Update 34/High Isle.

    Likewise, prepurchasing Necrom will not affect your add-ons. When we get the base game update that releases with Necrom, at least some of your add-ons will likely need updating regardless of whether you own Necrom or not. (All of them should also get an API bump, regardless of whether they will require substantive changes.)
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  • Baertram
    All of them should also get an API bump, regardless of whether they will require substantive changes
    Nope, that's not true. They can but there is no need as this is only a number comparison done in the game and says nothing about functionality! I got like 100 addons and libraries I'm developing and keeping alive. Imagine I'd have to update all files just because of that number check... Lua files, txt files, change versiobs everywhere, create zip files, upload, write chsngelog. Takes around 5mins per addon if you know what you do. And then esoui staff needs to check the upload and acknowledge. What a waste of time.. So forget that api version check, it's nuts. Addons work or not, nothing to do with an api version in a txt file.

    Use Minion addon manager and toaster all addons once a day before login, that's all you need to do. Backup your SavedVariables once a week, and maybe backup the Minion.Xml file too in case Minion got a problem. It contains your instanlled addons and helps to update them if you restore the file after having problems.

    If errors occur ingame disable the addons in question and track which one causes it, the error messages often tell you (top line, it's a stack so bottom is where the code was stsrted and top shows eher the error happens). forums addon help also provides a bunch of sticky threads with info how to read and understand errors how to fix some yourself (older adfons containing libraries or LibStub), and how to report errors and especially where addon comments at each addon, where users and developers help users.
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