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build help question: bloodmoon set - sorc overload ???

was hoping to get some help with a build idea that ive been farming for...
mostly want to know if im wasting my time...

the bloodmoon set with the light attack damage and speed increase says that the 5th bonus procs off and effects "melee light attacks"

my questions are relating to the sorcerer stormcaller ultimate overload:

1. can i proc with overload ultimate light attacks?
if not, 2.does the proc persist into overload light attacks, if the procs are made by melee hits first, before ult casting? (i know that seems pointless for 5 seconds... just asking)

or just the all round question... overloads' zappy morphed attacks considered ranged attacks, even if you have melee weapons equipped?

also sorry if this question has been asked before... i checked the threads first, couldnt find the answers i was looking for.

thanks for any help in advance :)
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