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Bash is broken with custom attack keys

I play on pc with an xbox controller with the light attack and block keys swapped. By default the right paddle light attacks and the left one blocks. Holding the block key and hitting light attack bashes. I have them swapped so the left is the light attack and the right is the block and since the update, the default bash with that setup no longer works. I had to map bash to a separate key, which is a pain because since I have limited buttons on the controller I'm stuck holding it down to bash, which can be a *** trying to time it right, or not accidentally fire the skill it's otherwise attached to.

[snip]. Zos made keys customizable and I need custom keybinds. They should ALL work, no matter the layout.

[Edited for baiting]
Edited by ZOS_Kraken on 22 March 2023 17:44
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