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ESO Data-Base Add On not syncing

Since the last patch, ESO Data-base has not been updating for me. I tried all the trouble shooting from and nothing has fixed it. I even uninstalled the add on and reinstalled, did not fix it. Anyone else having the same issue?
  • Mathius_Mordred
    Working ok now.
    Edited by Mathius_Mordred on 7 January 2024 14:01
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  • Baertram
    If you expect to have u40 data updated to the website read the comments of the addon please as the author already said it will be patched in as he finds time:

    Everything else should work. if not make sure your antivirus and windows defender etc. is not blocking access to the client uploader file.

    And if this wrks and still something is missing I recommand to write directly at and/or use the "Bug" panel there to raise a bug "with details" to describe what you expect to happen and what it does not do/sync to the website.
    A generic text like "it's not working" is not helping the author to find a possible bug, thanks for your understanding.

    Bug reports go here:
    -> Submit a new bug report
    Edited by Baertram on 7 January 2024 15:51
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