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Azurah Temp-fix

Posted by Teva on ESOUI
I can't promise everything works correctly, but can say that by commenting out one line I was able to load in without errors...

Within Core.lua function Azurah:CreateOverlay, I commented out what appears as line 369 in my copy:
-- o:SetResizeToFitDescendents(true)
that's 2 dashes in front of that line to remove it from processing.

I did a Ctrl+F search for SetResizeToFitDescendents so you don't have to scroll down looking for it, adding a comment line did the trick.
  • Necrotech_Master
    this might be a similar issue thats happening with arkadius trade tools (im getting a UI error for this function, but the addon itself is still functioning fine, it just makes the dang UI error appear like 17 times lol)
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  • AcadianPaladin
    Similar here. Since U37, when my character comes up, there is an error regarding addons. All relate to Azurah and I have to clear over half a dozen complaints about it each time I log in. Mod works fine though and Minion has everything auto updated to most current available. Will bookmark this thread and perhaps get brave enough to try the fix discussed in the first post.

    Edit/Update: So my troubleshooting procedures were to live with clearing the errors and hope for an update to the addon. The addon was updated this morning and all works fine now. :)
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  • Baertram
    If that ResizeToFitDescendents error happens in an addon check the included xml files for some lines like <label... resizeToFitDescendents="true"... > CD remove that resizeToFitDescendents="true' in that line. But do so that at label controls!
    It might be that the labels look strange afterwards, if their dimensions were set to a fixed width and height, and south need to wait for an update then or remove the <Dimensions lines below that label line too, or change the x and y values on them. But if not they should auto resize again and look fine.
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