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free ideas for eso animation, comic, or picture art..

these are some of my ideas i hope you like them and or share them with me if you decide to use them!

Beckoning bones
this was meant to be an art piece depicting a necromancer holding a hand out to cast with one hand while holding a tome in the other... A short distance away would be a likeness of the grave grasp skill where instead of it traveling forward, it creates a pooling area of skeletal parts spilling over one another.. like if the circles were all in one spot instead of three separate places..

surprise attack!
meant to be a comic or animation.. a group of sellswords sit around a fire talking eating or whatever when one hears something so they stop to listen.. they burst out of their seats and ready weapons as a skeleton waddles out of a brush of trees and such holding its arms out in that weirdly funny kind of way.. the warriors are reluctant to act at first but soon as more show up they turn and run away then it cuts to an armored necromancer hidden among the trees sadistically laughing to himself and any other potential party members...

blood magic!
comic, animation, or picture art..... after a battle leaving many warriors on a side ruined with few remaining, a certain blood mage with a wooden staff fitted with a now glowing red gem raises her magical catalyst to call forth a mist of blood to heal allies, allowing themselves to pickthemselves up and continue fighting..

will add more in the future probably but please enjoy these fine ideas!
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