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can be deleted! Got 'er done!

Hey, it's me, i'm back, looking for some people again who may wish to help drag my sorry hiney through vet Unhallowed Grave. PC NA i am after tyhe Kjalnar's Nightmare helm at the end.

i can be on anytime you need me to be. i'm in the atlantic time zone.

i play a magicka DPS warden.

i have experience in normal UG, as i had to farm the Aegis Caller set there. That, of course, does not mean i won't die, i very much expect to die on that boss that summons ghosts, and you swing to platforms and hide behind pillars...

Yet, while i may not be the most graceful, i do bring a lot of heart, and will have a lotta gratitude for whoever is able to help me. i am willing to be in discord to listen to direction as well if that is required. B)
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Lady Kat, from the Cheshire Cats.Interested in HEAVY RP? IC at -all- times?
  • Soarora
    A dps and I can help sometime between 4 and 8 pm est today.
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    PC/NA Dungeoneer (Heal/DPS/Tank) and Trialist (Heal/DPS) with a passion for The Elder Scrolls lore
    • CP 2000+
    • Warden Healer - Warden Brittleden - Sorc Tank
    • Trials: 9/11 HMs - 2/7 Tris
    • Dungeons: 27/28 HMs - 13/22 Tris
    • All Veterans completed!
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