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Addon that uses all of an item in inventory?

On my old PC I've got an addon that uses all of a given item in my inventory after I use just one. It will do this if I over the mouse and press "E" then "R" on one of them.

As an example, if I have a ton of Fighter's Guild Merits in my inventory, I hover the mouse over one and press "E" and then "R" on just one of them and then my entire inventory will deplete of this item as they are all used up.

I really love this time saving functionality but I haven't been able to replicate it on a new PC.

Does anyone know what addon(s) and settings combination makes this happen?
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  • Necrotech_Master
    i think there is an addon to auto open "container" items like the ones from the fighters guild dailies (and similar), not 100% sure of the name but might be something like "unboxer"

    votans fish fillet can be used to fillet all of the fish in your inventory with 1 button as well
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  • WetYoda
    I finally found out this is a feature of the Bandit's User Interface addon.

    Settings / Bandit's UI / Automation
    Container Handler {X}
    "Adds inventory option to auto loot containers and filet fishes."

    You simply hit "R" and it'll open every container in your inventory.

    Extremely handy!!!
    PC NA - GM of Atrocious Love Letter and proud owner of an imgakin monkey
  • Baertram
    Unboxer can do the same/similar if you do not want to install a total UI for just that feature.
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