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Character Achievements

I left eso approximately a year ago due to the removal of individual character achievements in favor of account wide achievements. As a player who loved developing individual characters and tracking their progress, this change in the game was a huge blow to me. At any rate, I've logged back into the game and feel drawn back into the enchantment of the world, but I still feel exasperated when I look at a character and have no idea whether that character is has completed undaunted, mages guild, dungeons, etc. I'm posting here wondering whether anyone is aware of an add-on that might help track individual character achievements. I was thinking of creating my own spreadsheet for each of my characters, but that would be a pain. I would even be interested in whether anyone knows of an app for character tracking achievements. I'd love to get back into the game and know where each of my characters are at in the many elements and pathways that they can pursue.
  • Necrotech_Master
    i use urichs skill point finder to keep track of public dungeon group events completed and group dungeon quests completed for the skill points

    i havent really looked into any other trackers for this stuff since i for the most part like the account wide achievements (i did have to get an addon to remove that dumb "earned by" tooltip lol)
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