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Chat splitter?/Bigger character limit

Anyone know if there's an addon to increase the (Text) character limit? Not literally as it's hard coded, but more just something that'll let me continue to write without having to press enter and send a half-finished wall of text off.

There's an addon that does this for WoW called emote splitter where you can type to your heart's content and then it'll post your text in a character-limit respecting wall, breaking up your text automatically for you. It's just frustrating when RPing to hit the character limit, then having to hit enter before being able to write more. It kinda breaks the flow of the conversation and causes clutter when more than one person is speaking.
Edited by Vrienda on 2 February 2023 15:13
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  • Baertram
    No, and this is not possible as you must send a text in eso chat via return key.
  • vsrs_au
    Perhaps it's designed this way to prevent spammers?
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