PTS Update 37 - Feedback Thread for Screen Narration

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This is the official feedback thread for Screen Narration. Specific feedback that the team is looking for includes the following:
  • Did you run into any instances where the game didn’t narrate as expected?
  • Are there any non-narrated screens you would like to see added?
  • Do you have any other general feedback?
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Gina Bruno
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  • Hylhe
    Soul Shriven

    I briefly tested screen narration out of curiosity more than need. I'd like to specify that I tested it in French (but I didn't find a topic dedicated to feedbacks about this on the forum so i'm doing it here) and only on the login screen and the character selection screen.

    - It does work well, but i think it would be nice it the text was read a bit slower. The timing between words and sentences are almost inexistant which gives a really fast flow.

    - Also, if you stay on the same screen, the screen narration is repeated too often. I mean, i know i need to select a character and press X to confirm, i'm just drinking water or thinking about which one has my sets or whatever.
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