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Addons on consoles.

Hey guys, I know that most of u think that's impossible, but how about to add some basic and tested for years addons to in-game client on consoles? Like mods mechanics on skyrim or fallout, where u can choose different mods, I just want developers think about it 🥺
Edited by Sant1ago88 on 22 January 2023 03:17
  • Baertram
    Developers can think about it as often and long as they want to:
    You'd need to "hack" the ESO console game code somehow to include the addon files, what currently is just not supported by the game itsself.
    If ZOs says "no" it's against the TOS and you'd risk a ban, so: No :(

    Ask ZOs to add those as they did with some already (e.g. AdvancedFilters -> Added as own "inventory subfilters" after some years).
    Edited by Baertram on 22 January 2023 16:42
  • jaws343
    Hopefully never happens.
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