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The Runaway's Tale - Summerset side quest.


Does anyone know if this is inspired by an existing fairy tale? Is it familiar to anyone?
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  • TaSheen
    I'm not remembering an English fairy tale of that sort, but it could be from another country - I'm generally only familiar with the ones from the British Isles and Brittany.
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  • Deter1UK
    There are a very small number of fairy tales featuring wolves (such as Little Red Cap) and one tale in Grimm where a stranger puts on a belt that turns him ino a wolf after which he devours a pregnant horse.

    Lycanthropy appears here and there in legend but quite rarely and that depends on the interpretation of the legend it seems.

    The modern 'Werewolf' with the whole full moon change business appears to be mostly a modern invention (post 1900) and made popular by Hollywood and recent teen fiction.

    I can't find any traditional Fairy Tales with what you might describe as a full blown werewolf in the modern sense apart from the Grimm's tale above.

    So the answer to your question is 'I don't think so'.
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