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Unplayable Xbox NA

Soul Shriven
I've been booted 15 times in the last hour. I have one Xbox X console and one Xbox One. Both are intermittently getting kicked. If it was my internet, I'd expect both consoles to crash at the same time. I've already gone through the troubleshooting steps and it isn't helping.

Anyone else having issues?
  • Mik195
    It seemed fine for me tonight.
    Edited by Mik195 on 27 December 2022 20:56
  • OBJnoob
    I played for a couple hours last night (8 hours ago,) on Xbox. No issues.
  • Lumenn
    It's happened to me a few times this month, but I figured it was all the wind/weather we've been having. Odd thing is I still have connection and can log in fast enough that it says I'm still logged in, but I was disconnected/unable to connect to the server. So have internet, am connected, but get server interruptions. Figure it's just the weird weather lately.
  • ZOS_Bill

    If you've not done so, we recommend the connection troubleshooting linked below as a starting point for fixing these disconnections.

    Connection Troubleshooting - Technical Support - The Elder Scrolls Online
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