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PlayStation Patch Notes v2.40/1.22

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The Elder Scrolls Online v2.40 (PS4) / v1.22 (PS5) fixes the most recent issue with block – putting it back into its pre-Update 36 state – fixed an issue where some enchantments could fail to persist through rezoning, and more. The size of this patch is approximately 1.6GB for PS4 and 485MB for PS5.


  • Fixed an issue where some assets in Galen would appear like static while approaching them.

  • Fixed an issue where Timbershade did not count for endeavors to kill world bosses.

  • The Moth Study: Fixed an issue where quest pins for the moths would disappear upon collecting only one of them (though the moths themselves were still there at their usual locations).


  • Fixed an issue where the Syrabanic Marine Motif was not always dropping from Dreadsail Reef coffers.


  • Rolled back some code that was preventing you from blocking, most commonly occurring when attempting to swap weapons while weapons were being drawn or sheathed. This change will bring Block back into the state it was in prior to Update 36 launching.
    • Known Issue: Your character can get into a temporary bad state by performing any action that cancels sheathe or wield animations; weapon swapping should resolve the issue. If you cancel the sheathe/wield animation multiple times, you will need to bar swap the same number of times to fix the issue.
  • Fixed an issue where some enchantments could fail to persist through rezoning.


  • Fixed an issue with the Short Mussed Wave hairstyle where the hair would appear to float on female characters.
  • Fixed an issue where areas of your character, gear or accessories would unintentionally glow the color of the Glistergloam Glow skin.

  • Added the missing Stonelore Crown Crate image for the Rose Petal Cascade furnishing item.

  • Temporarily reduced how often the Undaunted Plunder can be obtained from the final bosses in all Veteran Craglorn trials to address an exploit in those areas.

  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when logging out.

Simplified Chinese Game Client
  • Updated the ESO logo on the login screen to Simplified Chinese.
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