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Update 36 Console Launch - Fixed & Known Issues

Community Manager
Hi everyone,

For visibility, below are a list of issues that are fixed in today’s console patch of Firesong & Update 36; these will not be broken and will not be an issue on console:
  • Buffs from Dragonknight Standard stacking
  • Bank in Vastyr not having a guild store
  • Siege weaponry not disappearing after getting destroyed
  • Not getting properly ported out after placing the crown/gauntlet/staff during the quest “The Ivy Throne”
  • Sulks-While-Fenced granting crafting materials after being pet
  • Guild permissions not working
  • Any unique game crashes seen during PC launch

Below are items that we expect to be an issue on console with today’s update and should be fixed in the next incremental patch:
  • Block being interrupted by dodge rolling or bashing
  • 3 unobtainable Antiquity Leads, including:
    • Frog Metal Buckle (only at Blacksmithing Rank 10)
    • Storm-Weathered Drafting Top
    • True Way Clay Dials
  • Game crash associated with hiding followers
    • If you experience this crash, we recommend not using the “hide followers” option as a temporary workaround

Please note the lists above are not all inclusive of every issue but only include things of higher impact.
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