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PC/Mac Patch Notes v8.1.6

Community Manager
The Elder Scrolls Online v8.1.6 fixes the issue where the effects from Crushing Wall would be lost when bar swapping, the Empower buff being dropped from Oakensoul after dying, and also reduces the healing from Mara’s Balm by about half. We’ve also made a few adjustments to some mobs in the Graven Deep dungeon and fixed a few additional smaller issues.

Additionally, we will also be granting rewards for any players affected by the Tales of Tribute ranked match issue that surfaced after Update 35 launch; you can read more details about this here.

The size of this patch is approximately 140MB.


  • Updated the Ascending Tide Style Master achievements to state the correct dungeons required for each achievement.


  • Order of the New Moon: Fixed an issue where Caska was not showing up during this quest.


World Bosses
  • Fixed an issue where defeating the Eldertide Druids world boss would not consistently grant proper kill credit. 


  • Graven Deep
    • General
      • Dhulef now handles the ancient logbook a little better.
    • Zelvraak the Unbreathing
      • Reduced the health and damage from Zelvraak, in addition to the Flesh Abominations, Flesh Atronachs, and Bone Colossus.
      • Flesh Abominations, Flesh Atronachs, and Bone Colossus no longer gain health and increase damage on normal difficulty.
      • The Banished ability now does damage less frequently.
      • Reduced the damage of the following abilities:
        • Soul Siphon
        • Inferno
        • Skeletal Detonation
        • Crippling Grasp
        • Lightning Bolt and Lightning Pool
        • Nova
        • Ice Eruption and Ice Patch
        • Phantasmal Barrage

  • Updated the UI artwork under the Stories section of Collections for Graven Deep and Earthen Root Enclave.


Ability Altering Weapons
  • Crushing Wall: Fixed an issue where this set’s effects were lost when you bar swapped. 

Mythic Items
  • Oakensoul: Fixed an issue where the Empower buff granted from this set would be lost after your character died.

PvP Sourced
  • Mara’s Balm: Reduced the healing of this set by approximately 50%. 
    Developer Comment:
    We are continuing to monitor this set’s interaction with frequently applied debuffs - such as snares from ticking abilities - and are attempting to find better overall solutions to ensure this set remains impactful when being afflicted with many incoming negative effects, but not over bearing in other cases.


  • You will no longer be blocked from entering an alliance locked campaign after using an Alliance Change Token.

Witches Festival
  • Fixed a very rare issue where the Crowborne Horror could spawn twice, as well as an associated issue where rapidly exiting and re-entering the arena would sometimes cause it to not spawn. 

  • Adjusted the collision for the “High Isle Walkway, Straight Castle” furnishing to better match its visual appearance.  Most notably, you can now actually walk on the bottom, instead of sinking up to your armpits in stonework.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Sea Elf Galleon Helm” Antiquity furnishing was a little overzealous about its newfound ability to spin indefinitely and would keep spinning even after you told it to stop. It now spins continuously when active and stops when deactivated.

  • Fixed an issue that caused some of the mystical barriers in Seaveil Spire to become invisible. These once again match how they looked when the home was initially released.

  • Fixed a crash related to the number of custom keybinds that had been saved.
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