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Looking for players to start the game together

Soul Shriven
Cheers everyone!
I am looking for people in order to explore together the world of Nirn (brothers/sisters-in-arms). I would be interested to find a group of 2-3 ppl and start new characters from the beginning, playing eso together without stress and enjoy all the things that the game has to give, including role playing elements. Life comes first and we can set appointments as per availability.
I'm 38 yrs old and other obligations and priorities do not allow me to extend playing to unlimited hours. However, I believe if the group is found I can commit to few hours/week and extend accordingly (in case of availability).... If anyone is interested please drop me a msg.
Also appreciate any hints if there is a place where you can find other like-minded players, other than eso forum
Thanks in advance!
  • GothicMando
    Hello there!^^ I like the sound of the no-stress part! I enjoy playing ESO rather casually, have been playing on-off since release, but only recently started on PC.

    What server do you play on? I'm on EU. I enjoy overland content and Group Dungeons ^^ I'm not aware of any other sites to find like-minded players unfortunately (besides finding Guilds in-game).
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