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ESO Class Rep Program Status

Community Manager
Hello everyone,

Four years ago, we spun up the Class Representative Program to help us focus on class feedback that mattered to the community and to make sure your voice was being heard. We looked to the community subject matter experts to make certain the main class concerns were being brought to light.

Over the past couple years, we’ve found our original needs have changed as the game and team have evolved; we have a very different Dev Team than we did when we first defined and launched this program. Outside of the individuals that currently make up the Combat Team, the way we collect and act on feedback has progressed and improved, and our goals for classes and combat have morphed (no pun intended) since ESO launched. This isn’t to say we no longer are interested in feedback on combat; rather, our goals for a program such as this one have changed.

As such, we’ve made the difficult decision to sunset the Class Rep Program in its current state. We will be taking a step back to reassess the purpose of the program and to ensure we are bringing the most value for the team and all of you. We also need to ensure we are utilizing and leveraging the vast knowledge and feedback from the community in the most efficient way possible, and in return, are more transparent in relaying information from the program out to everyone.

We want to thank the Class Reps for being part of this integral program and the years of dedication. They have brought so much invaluable feedback and insights over the years and having a knowledgeable group that we could trust has been vital to the growth and improvement of the game.

Thanks for reading and we’ll let everyone know when we have any plans to share.
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Gina Bruno
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  • Glory
    Class Representative
    Just wanted to say thank you to the ESO development team for having me as part of the program.

    It's wonderful to hear that the dev team has better channels for feedback. I know that despite how hard the representatives worked to listen to the community, there were always difficulties in processing and presenting information from so many.

    I'll still be lurking in various places, and I hope to see you all in Tamriel!
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  • Hexys
    4 years already?!

    Even though it didn't last that very long for me, it was fun to be part of the program and have talks regarding the game with the team. Balancing ESO is a big challenge, impossible to always please everyone. :smile:

    A big thanks to the class reps who were here during all this time and good luck to the Combat team!
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  • Cadbury
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  • Masel
    Class Representative
    ManDraKE wrote: »
    Seeing the current balance/design decisions made on this patch, is clear that whatever evolution the team had it's not giving very good results

    If there was an OKR for having the game balance in a good state, you can already mark that one as failed :D

    There's so many false implicit assumptions in here that i don't even know where to start. And since I stopped playing the game seriously, i actually won't start at all :wink:
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  • silvereyes
    I am a little bit confused.

    If Class Rep program is going to be closed... then how exactly the "feedback" will work ? Where are we suppose to post it & say what we think needs attention ?

    It's a bit dated, but Rich talked about this a few years ago (emphasis mine).
    As a project manager myself, I know how dealing with different teams to deliver a project is. How do you personally handle having to find the balance between the clients and the players' expectations and your team's vision?
    That one's hard to answer in a short amount of time, because it really can kind of go on forever. Really, what it comes down to is:
    • having a vision - kind of knowing where we want to go and what we think are the most important things;
    • using data - so we have tons of data, tons of analytic data that we can kind of go through; and
    • getting feedback from social media and the forums and whatnot - kind of putting those all together to kind of reinforce the direction, and kind of reinforce some of the decisions we're making.
    You know, I'm a big fan of using the term, "data informed," and not, "data driven," because you can make data tell you anything. The same data can be looked at by multiple people, and you can all come up with multiple theories, or make it show you that your theory is correct. So kind of taking your intuition, your experiences, and then other people's experiences, and kind of matching that up against the data kinda helps do that.

    That's how I do things, for the most part. I don't just [say], "I am the hand of God. Do what I tell you 'cause that's what I told you to do." The team generally drives a lot of that stuff, but sometimes, there are decisions where it's just like, "no, we just have to do it this way, and this is why, and sorry, it's not up for debate."

    I think we've done a pretty good job overall, of responding to player feedback, and listening to player feedback over the years. I think were kind of one of the best teams in the business at that. I think we could get better at it, but I think we do do a lot, overall.

    So basically, talk to them here or on social media. If they are already thinking along the same lines from their own and other players' experiences, then things may change. If there's not much consensus, then all bets are off. They may ignore it as unimportant, or they may just decide to do their own thing.
  • FeaR Turbo
    FeaR Turbo
    Class Representative
    It was an honor. Thank you for all the memories. Elder Scrolls Online has grown in many ways and as part of the community, I welcome its further development for many years. Cheers!
  • Hotdog_23
    Thanks to all those involved for what you did for ESO and the community.

    Stay safe :)
  • chattygeekHD
    From someone who adores this game, thanks to everyone who has been involved.
    I love my Warden and I feel like I have something that I am really enjoying the journey with - and it's thanks to the Devs, and all the fans and contributors out there that put the work in, give the feedback, and keep the whole team positive.

    I'll be looking forward to how all the devs, contributors and players continue to improve this game and make it a home.

    Much loves!
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