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we have font problem while using gamepad UI

Soul Shriven
hello, we are korean player.

We are playing with 85% of update34 translations.

However, the font is broken in some screens like the image.



Since there is no korean font in eso, all characters are in Chinese.
We are using our dedicated font that replaces Chinese characters with Korean.

So, in our add-on, we are using an add-on that declares which font to use in a certain menu.

I think we're missing something to declare in the part where the font is broken in our addon, I need your help.

What fonts should I declare?

Our font declaration is as follows.

<in esoui/lang/kr_client.str & esoui/lang/kr_pregame.str> - follow esoui/fontdefs/gamepad/defaultfontdefs_gamepad.xml and esoui/fontdefs/keyboard/defaultfontdefs_keyboard.xml

[Font:ZoFontGameOutline] = "EsoKR/fonts/univers67.otf|18|soft-shadow-thin"
[Font:ZoFontGameShadow] = "EsoKR/fonts/univers67.otf|18|soft-shadow-thin"

<in addon> - follow only common/tooltip/tooltipstyles.lua.html (I can't find any other files that can be referenced)

abilityHeaderSection = FTN47,
attributeBody = FTN47,

Edited by ZOS_Bill on 16 June 2022 17:05
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