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Discuss and share your favorite add-ons in this forum, or post your own add-ons for the community to enjoy! You can also ask questions about add-on creation here. Please remember to observe the community rules in your posts.

Please be aware that we do not provide official customer support for add-ons.
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  • Duo_Maxwell
    Hi. New to PC gaming. Was wandering how one uses mods and what some good ones where.
    -MMO Gamer For Lifes-
  • MeissaAnunthiel
    Soul Shriven
    The first thing that should be listed here is:
    - Where is the add-on documentation?
    - What tools to develop add-ons?

  • Seerah
    The best source for the released API may be found at ESOUI's Wiki. You may also find the forums at ESOUI and the IRC channel (#esouidev on to be great resources of information and help.

    There are no "tools" to develop the addons. There are plenty of developer tools/addons created by other authors, however, available for download at ESOUI. If you do not have an IDE of choice to write your code in, may I suggest Notepad++ (if you are on Windows).
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  • TrevorGuedes
    Can someone make a blood in the weapons mod?
  • TrevorGuedes
    damm i miss kill moves too
  • LordSock
    Anyone find a "search" addon for guild stores? You'd think this would be built in :P
  • Bcharp
    Anyone find a "search" addon for guild stores? You'd think this would be built in :P

    "Guild Store Search" on

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  • Yazir

    addon Auction House & Vendors is good
  • zgrssd
    that link to the wiki is wrong. It reads:
    it should read:

    (www is the usual sub domain prefix for more classical html servers and the "primary" html servers in case there are multiple under the same domain - like a main page and a wiki).
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  • Seerah
    Oops- fixed :)
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  • aidevelopmentb16_ESO

    As I have posted on the forums at ESOUI, ESO support has a KB saying the API is available from ESOUI. Yet, at ESOUI I find a publically accessible wiki, that isn't completely accurate, or up to date. So, how about that officially released API? I'm getting cranky spending so much time picking other people's code apart, because the "available API" is not available.
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  • Seerah
    That IS the available API. It is what ZOS gave everyone during beta and allowed us to post on our site. Anything other than that is up to users - including yourself.
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  • Cairenn
    Actually, at this point there is more on the wiki than what ZOS gave us. What they documented and allowed us to post was significantly less than what you currently see.

    Yay for the community helping to fill things in. :)
    Co-founder & Administrator
  • xillix666
    I prefer over curse, check out their top downloaded addons for starters, and keep an eye out on the newly updated ones.

    I would recommend a few for a new player; skyshards, lorebooks for starters, then you can move up to, wykkyds addons, FTC, Combat Cloud, Recount, and lots of other crafting addons I'm sure you can figure out from there.
  • altemriel
    damm i miss kill moves too

    I miss the killcams like they were in Skyrim!
  • LoganSniper
    Kudo's to all the modders of ESO as a former modder of skyrim I know the personal time each of you has to put into any of these mods to help the players have a better and enjoyable play experience. Just my two cents worth.
  • SugaComa
    We've seen the add-os hit skyrim on ps4 will we ever see add-ons for ESO on console ?
  • Auldjohn
    Tamriel Time has been widowed for some time.I use Harven's(?) Dwemer Clock and MiniMap which are invaluable for me. Dwemer Clock had an option to add Lore date & time to the clock display. Another add-on places the long Lore date on the display, great for Role Play screenshots.

    Is any Add-On Dev willing to update Tamriel Time? Other RPers will thank you.

    Related: Harven's or Out-of-date Fyrakin MiniMap had a round map option. Can't find it in Harven's. What am I missing?

    TIA, @Auldjohn
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  • Walting
    @ZOS_RichLambert @ZOS_GinaBruno

    Please change the ESO API so that the display of personal informations (title, cp-level, guild name etc.) are read-only and cannot be changed by addons.

    There are addons that change these informations w/o letting the users know nor to give them an option to turn these changes off.
  • CaptainObveeuhs
    Wonder if an add-on displaying Anniversary dates on Ring of Mara could be included one day.
    one patch two patch penny dime
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