Newe player and need LF guild and friends to play with and learn from.

Soul Shriven
HI am 40+ old, looking for other adults to get to know and to help me learn the game. I am new, well newish. I played beta but never got to the game because of real life and then one game lead to another and now I am here. Just feel lost because of all the xpan packs etc. I am about to make me first toon, do I go tank or DPS (probable dps to learn).and do I need to do Orginal ESO before playing Xpan or stay in xpan?
  • Tryme
    Soul Shriven
    Hi, i saw your post today and thought to reach out to you and help you out a little. First question i have for you though.. On what machine are you playing on and what server?

    And if you wish to play the game in a clear step by step chronological order then here is a link for you.
    I use it myself after i reconnected with eso again recently. (I am a early realease player)
    And as for what sort of build you will be doing is all up to you. Make a character out of that character :smile: and ignore if it's good or bad. Go tank, go dps, go healing. Do what's fitts your character :smile:
    Or DO what YOU enjoy try out and see :wink:
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