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ESOU Officially Launches Project Vitality

After 2 years of waiting and planning, we'd like to announce Project Vitality which aims to make Trials/raiding as accessible as possible to players of all tiers starting out in this server. Our ultimate goal is to establish a clear raiding culture while gaining a lot more players than ever before for them to get into Trials content. As some may have noticed we added raiding/LFG channels for all platforms/servers but there will be more things that we'll be doing and the best part is any one of you regardless of the level of experience or gear you may have can start participating in this project.

If you want to raid
- Head on over to 💥role-signups💥
- Select a role appropriate for you
- You can get rid of a role by selecting it again.

We'll be hosting a variety of raids as we gain more and more interested raid leads ranging from pugging Godslayer to normal Trials. Note that we will be requiring Crag/Craglorn Hard Mode + vMoL/vMoL Hard Mode clears in this server (previous/outside clears do not count) for you to be able to participate in any open run 'after' vMoL so make sure to get into open raids that are starting this week and get your tags while helping newer or returning raiders!

We'll be posting a more detailed guidelines of the minimums but don't worry, they won't be too demanding! Parse/Clear submissions are currently not required for PC/NA or PC/EU for any open run, nor are they of course required for vMoL/Crag HMs as the whole point is for you to get into raiding without a set of barriers. ESOU will also be seeking to start in-Discord classes for healing, tanking, DPS'ing and other subjects in ESOU once again! We'll post updates in class-schedules

DISCORD LINK: https://discord.gg/ESOU


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