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Why does 'Relicmaster Grenadir' not update his DIALOG? (re: Artaeum zone) ...

Community, i didn't see anything about this in the 'Bug Reports' section and i'm not even sure if it is indeed a BUG persay , but....

Did anyone else notice that the NPC named 'Relicmaster Grenadir' (within Artaeum zone, College of Psijics building) doesn't update his DIALOG after:
you've already completed turning-in EVERY single relic to his 'Vault of Moawita' ? He just keeps acting like he did with the same dialog choices as when you first begin the search for the relics. You would think he'd have new dialog saying "thanks for recovering all my relics that were stolen" or whatever, no?

I've already completed the entire Summerset zone to 100% done, as well as the entire STORY questline of both Summerset main story and of Artaeum/Psijic guild skill line unlocks.

Everything, including all vault relics in the cases, are DONE...including my Achievements tab listing.

Yet he still doesn't update dialog. Has anyone else noticed this? Did i miss a side-quest or something? Or do you think maybe it's a bug (as in Zenimax forgot to write bonus dialog for him once the player completes such a torture of a grind for time-breaches & relics locations, etc. )
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  • VaranisArano
    Perhaps they intended for him to have more work for us in a Psjic daily that didn't get implemented?

    He's implied to be the buyer for a relic in a side quest in Blackwood, which makes me think there maybe been more content than intended for him. But that's pure speculation on my part.
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