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Shadows of Silence PVE with Discord

Shadows of Silence PVE/Social Guild with Trials and Dungeon Teams

The focus of the guild is social interaction, helping each other quest, completing dungeons/trials, and much more.

After moving to play on PC this husband/wife team could not decide on a platform to play on. She wanted PC... He wanted XBOX.... So they compromised. If you have a similar situation we might just be the guild for you!

Shadows of Silence is a cross-platform guild. While we can not play together we share a discord server with PC players to share 2 of the many sides ESO has to offer.

Guild history:
Flitzbane and I (Laila) started Moment of Reckoning years ago on XBOX, after some life changes we stepped down from the guild. I started playing on PC and started Shadows of Silence, I noticed so many people were just out doing their own thing and that is great; however, when it came to getting help with something not many people were willing (other than a few great needles in a very large haystack ). I wanted to make it easier to do the things requiring a few extra sets of hands. We want members that get to know each other and become friends and eventually family to each other. And that is still my goal and hopes for Shadows of Silence on Xbox as well!

We are starting from scratch and we would love to grow our ranks to have active and excited members to do events, create dungeon teams, and fill our trial ranks.

Our guild foundation:

Active time - This will be determined as we grow. As of now Flitz plays evenings and I play whenever.

Focus - Dungeons, Trials, questing, completing pledges, maxing mages guild, skyshard farming and anything else members let us know they want to do!

Events - We will hold a 50/50 raffle monthly. More guild events to come. Looking for someone interested in hosting social events such as skyshard farms, delve runs, ect.

Dungeons/Trials - We are looking for players that want to run dungeons and trials. A group of people that will take the time to learn together, fight together, and succeed together. You don't have to be the best, if you are willing to learn we are willing to learn with you and help. We plan on starting with the basics. So if you need gear that is ok!

Questing - For newer players getting the quests done in some areas can be difficult. We want to be able to help you complete these quests. Just ask in general chat.

Communication - We are using Discord for out of game communication. This is the heart of our communication and we do highly recommend that each member joins the server.

Guild Website – We have a website at This is the home for our guild application and some guides written by our members (PC), you can also learn a little more about us here. (The website is currently being updated for xbox members.)

Experienced players, new players, in limbo players, all are welcome. We just ask that you have a positive attitude and have fun.

We are also looking for members that would be interested in being event leaders, social admins, and Trials and Dungeon Team Leaders.

Join us and create a gaming experience you'll love!

Any questions just ask!

In-game: @Laila821
Discord: Laila#5386

Discord Server:
  • Laila821
    We are still looking for members. New and veteran players are both welcome. Active discord community. Reach out to me if interested or find us in guild finder.
  • Monkdaddy
    Soul Shriven
    I posted an application on your website. I'm a new player looking for a helpful, mainly casual guild.
  • Laila821
    Hope you all have a great week! We are still openly recruiting :smile:
    Edited by Laila821 on 1 February 2021 12:56
  • Laila821
    We are still recruiting! Feel free to join discord or message me with any questions :)
  • Durikas75
    I actually play on both Xbox and PC. My PC account is brand new, but my Xbox account is 4+ years old. Are there others that play both? Do you do any PvP?
    Xbone GT Durikas75 PC in game @durikas75
  • Laila821
    @Durikas75 I actually do play both but I am not sure of many others that do. That is a good question. We do have some PVP members in our PC guild, however as the Xbox guild is still growing we do not have anyone that has said if they PVP or not :)
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