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New Player Looking for Guild/Group for PVE and/or Trade

Soul Shriven
I started playing the game a while back now but have only just (yesterday) reached level 50. I play most evenings for a couple of hours with longer periods over the holidays. I'm now at a point where I'd like to start refining my character and trying out the more challenging aspects of the game and feel like I need a group that can help guide me on what to do next, I'm interested in PVE and Trade and am looking for the following:

What I'm looking for in a PVE guild:
  • Honestly I'm not too sure what content I should focus on, but I'd like a guild that runs regular team events whatever they are (like veteran dungeons, raids, overland bosses, etc, currently I just use the activity finder or wait around at overland bosses for other people to hopefully show up)
  • Active community, discord chat would be great
  • People that don't mind dealing with a new player, I'd love to get into the harder parts of the game but I need some guidance on how to get to that level first

What I'm looking for in a Trade guild:
  • Again a guild that is happy to help out new players, I have no idea how to trade yet but feel like I'm currently getting a bad deal selling all my unwanted items to NPCs
  • Relatively low fees as I'm new to trading so may struggle to begin with

What I can offer:
  • An active player, I play most evenings and some days
  • Happy to commit to a set time for team events
  • A level 50 character (at this time just over CP 50)
  • davehall81
    Soul Shriven
    Sorry forgot to mention: PC/EU in UTC time zone. Thanks in advance
  • smackarn
    Contact @pewpewpwnage in game and we can have a chat!
    GM of a guild called Clarity EU
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