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Stadia Launch Known Issues

Community Manager
Hi everyone!

With ESO having just launched on Stadia, we’d like to provide a list of Stadia-specific known issues you may run into during your play. Remember that Stadia players are on the PC megaservers, so the current patch is v6.0.7.
  • If you are receiving an error message at the ESO log in screen stating "Your mouse is currently not captured by the game. Please click anywhere on the screen to lock your mouse cursor." please first link your ESO account on the ESO account page.
  • HDR settings are not currently available. This impacts Stadia Pro players using HDR-enabled screens. We're working to resolve this in a future incremental patch.
  • While playing in Gamepad Mode, some custom audio and video settings will not be saved from previous sessions. To make these adjustments, navigate to the ESO Menu -> Settings -> Audio or Video. This should be fixed in a future incremental patch.
  • Sending an ESO game invite via the Stadia UI does not currently send an in-game group invite unless both players are already friends in-game. This should be resolved in a future Update.
  • When accepting an ESO game invite sent from another player through the Stadia UI, you will not automatically leave an existing in-game group.
  • Keybind options in the PC UI do not use the proper terminology for Stadia controller inputs. This should be fixed in a future incremental patch.
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