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Xbox One Patch Notes v1.19.2.0

Community Manager
The Elder Scrolls Online v1.19.2.0 includes some adjustments to help with the recent input delays and desyncs while in combat, in addition to a fix where breaking free could become delayed, spamming block disconnecting you to the login screen, and several crash fixes. Also included is a fix for the Soul Shriven in Coldharbour questline, some invisible collision found in Morkul Stronghold, and more.

  • Icereach
    • The Brush Fire achievement can now be completed.
    • You will now only be able to revive in situations normally allowed in Icereach.
    • Fixed an issue where some quest story elements would appear to become stuck if all players were to leave the scene and then return.

  • Blackrose Prison
    • Drakeeh the Unchained is no longer partaking in Murkmire health concoctions and as such, his health has returned to normal levels.

  • Empty Nest: Fixed a number of issues in which Krona and Ree-Nakal could get stuck while spawning for the final boss fight.

  • Fixed an issue causing invisible collision and floating NPCs in Morkul Stronghold.
  • Adjusted the collision in Orc Long Houses to allow your character to move about them once more.

  • The Crystal Tower: The Golden Knight will once again follow you properly during the final parts of the quest.

  • In an effort to address recent input delays and desyncs when casting abilities, we have optimized how messages (how the server/client communicate with each other) are sent.
  • Fixed an issue where breaking free could become delayed for about a second in some situations.
  • Repeatedly activating and dropping Block will no longer kick you from the server, returning you to the login screen.
  • Fixed an issue where interacting with an objective, such as a Chaos Ball or Volendrung, could prevent you from activating Block or Sprint.
  • Fixed an issue where your client would report your Stamina Recovery as 0 after activating Sprint or Mount Sprint in some situations.

  • Assassination
    • Incapacitating Strike: This Ultimate no longer silences the target, but instead stuns them for 3 seconds if cast with 120 or more Ultimate. This change was primarily done to fix an issue where the unique silence applied from this ability conflicted with some recent hard-coded block behaviors.

  • Aedric Spear
    • Piercing Spear: Fixed an issue where this passive did not work against blocking targets.

  • Robes and boots from the Pyandorean Motif no longer appear invisible when worn.

  • Fixed a crash that could occasionally happen on logging out or entering a new zone.
  • Fixed an issue in the UI texture management which could cause a crash.
  • Fixed an issue with the particle system that was causing a rare crash.
  • Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur during high volumes of combat.

Main Quest
  • Soul Shriven in Coldharbour: Fixed an issue where the Hooded Figure would not appear until after relogging if you created a new character and skipped the tutorial.

Crown Store
  • Fixed an issue where the Crown Store UI would become semi-transparent and would not scale properly with certain configurations.

Guilds & Guild Functionality
  • Restored guild member promote and demote options in the Context menu.
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