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Game Performance Issues on Console

  • Krayzie
    No update on horrific issues that have plagued console since launch?

    KK check back in another 1-12 months
    I'm a PVE roleplayer concerned about my vampires stage 4 skin tone and keep getting load screens so I came here to distract people from major issues with a rant thread about my characters cosmetic appearance.
  • Daedric_NB_187
    I'd be happy if you would just let me move my character to PC NA. That would be my suggestion.
  • Krayzie
    I'd be happy if you would just let me move my character to PC NA. That would be my suggestion.

    That's exactly what I want to
    I'm a PVE roleplayer concerned about my vampires stage 4 skin tone and keep getting load screens so I came here to distract people from major issues with a rant thread about my characters cosmetic appearance.
  • goggs25
    Krayzie wrote: »
    Hey all, want to let you know that we have some improvements coming to game performance on Xbox in our next update. This will include better FPS, improvements to loading times, and a reduction to lock-ups and game crashes.

    Do we just have to wait for Scorpio for reliable playability?

    None of the updates have fixed the login failed for some reason the trash at ESO don't want my cash until they get off there lazy [snip] I will not spend any more money on this game

    [Edited to remove profanity]
    Edited by ZOS_KatP on 5 November 2017 16:57
  • Crusades
    Hey Zos

    I just want to say love your game, I have adventured many hours and slayed many enemies of the Covenant.


    What’s up with the long loading screens?
    Vivec NA server can’t travel to keeps without getting a never ending loading screen.

    Anywho pls fix ASAP

    Thank you
    Edited by Crusades on 7 November 2017 22:39
  • Kazrak66
    Soul Shriven after downloading onto my new xobxone x I see the game is once again unplayable.........brilliant. Really not enjoying my customer experience with you guys anymore, stopped buying stuff in the crown store weeks ago as it is just not a reliable game...
  • Kazrak66
    Soul Shriven
    Still broken.........
  • xSylvanasWindrunner
    Fix the damn loading screens, why are the servers still UP? why are they're not being taking down for maintenance?!

    Me and my husband unsubscribed from ESO+, and are planning to delete and quit the game in 1 to 2 weeks if this problem is not fixed, we will not wait 5 months again to be able to play the game, I hope many more people do the same.

    Edited by xSylvanasWindrunner on 10 November 2017 06:43
  • Kram8ion
    Idk can everybody log out? It would really help my game to work or not whatever, I'm totally pulling my hair out :|
    Kramm stam man kittyblade

  • rivenjr
    I've never seen an entire pvp group rage quit over loading screens until now. @ZOS_GinaBruno Can we get an update on this issue!? Xbox NA
    Xbox ONE Day One
    Server - Xbox NA
    Internal Storage Only

  • NinchiTV
  • Karivaa
    Please fix this!!! You guys can apply a patch and fix the trial Monday but can’t fix cyrodiil???
  • shadrack83
    Soul Shriven
    My ESO plus isn't working even though my sub has been paid. Again..
    Just been kicked from cradle of shadows , then unable to login again after been dashboarded and now after finally getting back on my dlc isn't working.
    Getting close to leaving the game now, enough is enough.
    Most of my friends have already left for other titles n I feel I'll be doing the same soon.
  • Surgee
    I have a good idea. Let's write to MS asking to remove ESO from the marketplace because it puts the console in danger due to constant freezes single digit fps etc. Installed it on the most powerful console ever with high hopes.....NOPE
  • dmar613
    My goodness, the lag on xbox na vivec pvp right now is atrocious.

    between the free to play weekend, the dungeon event, and the campaign about to end soon, the performance is horrible.

    all one can do is just mash the same button repeatedly in hopes it goes off.

    critical rush doesnt register, dragon leap doesnt register, wrecking blow stays cocked back for an eternity then doesnt register. heals barely work, its pathetic. being a melee build in this enviornment sucks.
    Edited by dmar613 on 3 December 2017 04:12
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  • Tsar_Gekkou
    Has anyone else had targeting problems after the update a few weeks back? It feels like they made hitboxes smaller, as it's more difficult to get targeted skills to go off unless my crosshair is center mass.
    Xbox NA healer main
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  • Dasovaruilos
    The update that fixed the infinite loading screens (and reversed the CWC improvements) basically broke the game for me too...

    vMA is barely playable, with several situations where I can't use skills for seconds, only to teleport, dead, to a previous location.

    Tried posting a vAS score last night, 1 FPS or less after 30 minutes or so into the trial.

    Cyrodiil is actually a little better with faster loading screens, but as others have said, a lot of times skills won't register at all, no matter what you do.

    I'm really hoping ZOS says something about reactivating the improvements from CWC soon... I don't know if I'll want to wait until almost March to be able to play as well as I did for the first month after CWC.
  • LifeIsAGrave
    My main character is stuck in Orsinium. I just purchased the new home and tried to exit. I was kicked to dashboard and cannot retrieve my character. This is not the first time this has happened. This happened before; around Orsinium launch and even after you guys released patch notes saying it was fixed - last time, your reps tried to tell me they couldn't/wouldn't help me move my character again - a "one time deal" of sorts.

    Stuck in Orsinium:

    Server: Xbox EU
    GT: Zo177b13
    Character: Stercus Accidit
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    Tythos Andromo - Cro DD/T/H - PVP12 - 9Trait - (45,385 Ach. Pts./766Hrs)
    Divine Hammer - Temp DD/T/H PVP13 - 9Trait - (44,560 Ach. Pts./457Hrs)
    Gwydion Fidgen - Sorc -DD/T/H - PVP17 - 9Trait - (45,380 Ach. Pts./1,448Hrs)
    Astronomical Space Cat - NB DD/T/H - PVP10 - All 50s - (44,725Ach. Pts./267Hrs)
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    Rhot'n G'orc - Cro XP/H - PVP9 - All 50's - EP (44,160 Ach. Pts./121Hrs)
    Aether Sands - Necro XP/H - PVP3 - All 50s - EP (43,940 Ach. Pts./71Hrs)
    Eridium Flux - Temp XP/H - PVP7 - All 0s - EP (44,110 Ach. Pts./81Hrs)
    No Small Feat (Tiny T.) - Ward XP/H - PVP 13 - All 50s - EP (44,335 Ach. Pts./292Hrs)
    Viridian Frost - H. Ward XP/H - PVP11 - All 50s - EP (44,620 Ach. Pts./443Hrs)
    Chorrol Radpants - DK XP/H - PVP11 - All 50s - EP (44,220 Ach. Pts./732Hrs)
    T'torielle - LVL20 - DK DD - PVP 0 - All 50s - EP (43,780 Ach. Pts./5 Hrs)
    Xbox NA: CP1239:
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    And I Dig It - LVL50 Sorc - XP/H - PVP 14 - All50s - EP (19,345. Ach. Pts./227Hrs)
    Carpathian Ridge - LVL50 Temp - XP/H PVP 2 - No Craft - EP (18,185 Ach. Pts./63Hrs)
    Tythos Andromo - LVL 36 Cro XP/H - PVP 2 - No Craft - EP (18,065 Ach. Pts./1.5Hrs)
    Coral Galedriel - LVL48 Ward XP/H - PVP 2 - No Craft - EP (18,065 Ach. Pts./1Hr)
    Astronomical Space Cat - LVL38 NB XP/H - PVP 3 - No Craft - EP (18,065Ach. Pts./1Hr)
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    UPDATE: 26 Nov, 2022
  • Nighn_9
    I have a friend on XBOX ONE that cannot play the game anymore because of something to do with never-ending load screens. He either cannot load into the game or cannot load onto a specific character. He has made several character and every time he has a new one he wont be able to log back on with them. Was this ever fixed at all?
  • Thats_So_Wizard
    This game is becoming unplayable with the amount of times it crashes
  • Apache_Kid
    When are the crashes going to be fixed? I crash every damn day multiple times per day.

    When is the disappearing voice chat channels going to be fixed? Happens every day!!!!!!!

  • Smitch_59
    I've been experiencing major lag on Xbox One ever since the Dragonbones update. Simple things like crafting, or selling items to a vendor, or depositing/withdrawing from the bank, often takes 10 seconds to respond. Fighting is next to impossible. Restarting my console sometimes helps for a short while, but the lag soon returns with a vengeance.
    This game is nearly impossible to play right now.
    By Azura, by Azura, by Azura!
  • jkolb2030
    Xbox NA - Weapon Swap bug/delay

    Can confirm that weapon swap bugs and glitches have been present since the dragon bones drop.. There is a 2-3 second delay in your character model following through with a weapon swap from the time your bars swap.

    This delay is now running together with a heavy attack bug where you are unable to perform a heavy attack, or get stuck in one..

    Both of those issues combined are turning into an experience where you swap bars, but your character is so delayed that it skips skills that you have cast - or - the skills you've cast are also delayed by 1.3seconds and your character then gets stuck in a heavy attack or is unable to do any attacks while the model catches up.

    This on top of the Xbox server/frame lag is making trials nearly impossible to stomach.

  • sdh91885
    Xbox One NA server is having extreme availability issues. Past 24hours have not been able to maintain a stable connection. Logging in, loading new zone results in crash to title screen.

    Xbox One
    Xbox One X
  • PocketAces13xb
    @ZOS_GinaBruno hasn't commented on this post since at least October 2017. There have been monthly replies on this post about performance over the last 6 months but no replies from ZOS. Its honestly incredible. But hey, if they still are making money why should they care
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  • Willard
    If anything the loading screens have gotten much worse on the PS4 NA. Still getting floating invisible characters on load in. Also, town NPC's are often on break for several minutes after entering a zone--eventually they appear, but it feels like it takes for ever! And, why do I run on top of my mount?
  • sdh91885
    I truly don't care if they respond. I just want to make them aware. I work in a NOC and we don't provide customers with updates. I do think an official server status page would be nice similar to XB Live i.e. status, issue, ETA to resolution, impacted services, etc.
  • Stryker8346
    Soul Shriven
    Will you be able to fix the constant crashing bug in Vivec City, its been prominent ever since it was released, even when its underpopulated. I hope that the capital of Summerset, Alinor, doesn't follow the same pattern...
  • Zefre
    Can we please get some acknowledgement that the Summerset patch has introduced framerate / stuttering issues on consoles? Reported in both PS4 and Xbox One forums. There is an ongoing thread about the very same issue on PC. Perhaps a link?
  • Nervusbreakdown
    How about the people who don't have a 4k but have the Xbox one x get at least a performance mode 1080p running at 60 fps.
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