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Tamriels Gefährten trader guild with trader in rawl´kha

Greetings companions,

today I want to introduce the tradingguild Tamriels Gefährten.

Homepage: tage.bplaced.net/
Teamspeak: tage.teamspeak.de
Facebook: Tamriels Gefährten facebook.com/groups/780625255383712

Some basic data, our principles as a tradingguild and the edge we have on other tradingguilds.

Currently we have 495 to 500 members constantly. We advertise on a regular basis so that we can profide new members who are highly motivated, offer new input and keep our guild dynamic.
But especially we are looking for members, who enjoy trading!

Our guildstructure uses the rankingsystem to encourge new traders and reward successful traders. Promotions are based on donations, sales and the length of your membership, because we want to reward loyalty and apprechiate a familiar memberbase.

We are proud, that we don't have any obligatory fees, but successfully manage our tradingguild only with optional donations from our members. Through this every member can support the guild within his own possibilities.

If you join the guild, the first rank already offers an one week timespan of inactivity-
so that casualgamers will find a place in a successful tradingguild, too.

Rawl'Kha is the tradingspot we chose and you can find our guildtrader there every week. This means, that we offer continuity, elaborate planning and a solid financial understanding of a tradingguild.

What's more?

Tamriels Gefährten additionally offers a little more than other tradingguilds:

We have weekly lotteries and seasonal events for our members.
We are part of a tradingalliance, where very advanced traders are able to join other tradingguilds, to multiply their sales.
Our newest project is a raidguild, to show this aspect of the game to our members, too.

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