The European megaserver will be unavailable during the migration to Frankfurt on Wednesday, July 30th at 1:00PM BST (8:00AM EST).

Der europäische Megaserver wird am Mittwoch ab 14 Uhr deutscher Zeit wegen des Umzugs nach Frankfurt/Main nicht verfügbar sein.

Le mégaserveur européen sera indisponible durant la migration à Francfort ce mercredi 30 Juillet à partir de 14h00 (Heure de Paris).

Information on Recent Account Bans

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As part of our continuing effort to combat gold spammers, botters and exploiters, we recently banned a number of accounts. After several players appealed, we were able to investigate the matter further and discovered some legitimate accounts got caught up in the sweep. We unbanned accounts last night, and have email responses going out for those affected from our support group. It is never our intention for legitimate players to be harmed as we work to keep your game free of cheaters, and we sincerely apologize for the mistake.
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