The European megaserver is now back online and available. However, the Patch 1.5.6 has not been deployed on the European Megaserver. More information can be found here:

Der europäische Megaserver ist wieder online und verfügbar. Patch 1.5.6 wurde jedoch nicht aufgespielt. Weitere Informationen findet ihr hier:

Le Mégaserveur européen est désormais en ligne est disponible. Toutefois, la version 1.5.6 n’a pas été déployée sur le mégaserveur européen. Plus d’informations :

Coldharbour where the hell is the quest!!!

I've done every quest I can see in Reaper's March and now I was told by someone in game to go to Skywatch and speak to Raz'um dar and he will take me to coldharbour but I cannot find him anywhere. So I ended up having to port to a friend who is in coldharbour, that is the only way I could get here but how do I do it properly? Where the hell is Raz'um dar?
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