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Slayer Achievements

Soul Shriven
So i happen to be an achievement *** . i come from many MMO and by far eso and rune scape are my favorite ,

To day i want to discuss slayer achievements . and loot systems . to start off i have been farming 500 vamps in cold harbor at the crypt , now along side with the connectable achievements their are a verity of rare drops . so if some one is farming level 48 vamps and is vet level 1 or higher dose this mean the player can still get the collectible drops

Or is all loot diminished by being a higher level .

If this is the case it makes all slayer achievements point less, each dont have a reward only after complementing all will you get monster slayer title .

a disappointment of a reward , will their be rewards worth grinding for and will these collectibles have function .

example (one references twords ware wolfs i would hope it is a trinket that increases time and power as a ware wolf ).

i would like to see a motif for each slayer type achievements as you spent all that time killing and learning how their armor works ;)

another would be mounts of course . along side the monster slayer title their should be a mount with all the heads of the slayer tasks hanging threw out the horse , or just give us Arvak from skyrim
  • Psychoke
    I find that once you hit VR12 and even without killing every trash mob you find that you will get the monster hunter achievement without grinding. Exceptions for me were chitenous creatures (mudcrabs on the south-east beach in grathwood) and dwemer, the deadra slayer achievement of it really you will get by either going for the 250 dolmen achievement (which you want if you're a achievement horder because it even includes a title!).

    and on the rewards you want, if you would've cleared all the trash mobs from the beginning you would've gotten the achievement no problem!

    Also a title is a pretty good reward
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    "imagine a world without elder scrolls customer support, i can't either"
  • connorjordan46_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    i do agree with you . i guess i was just fanboying over my own deam

    however i would like to know if you or any one has gotten a collectible drop yet . i want to know drop rate and what it is your even getting

    grats on VR 12 btw
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