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I am just putting this out here to get a view of how many of you agree with me here. This is also not a shot at the hardcore MMO players either because I do understand what you are looking for and expect from players.

I can't tell you how many times I've joined a group to do a Veteran Dungeon and got yelled at for not doing something right or got booted. I have tried numerous times to complete a Veteran Dungeon and it hasn't happened because people quit because they didn't want to take the abuse. Like I said above I do understand that people expect a certain level of play but when they start to talk down on people is where I draw the line.

I would like to create a guild for questing, dungeons and even PvP. This would be a casual guild just to have fun because that is why I bought the game in the first place. If someone does something stupid we can laugh and say oh well lets try again... We can learn from our mistake and also become better players. If you would be interested in something like this let me know. If I get a good response I will start something up and start to send out invites. You can reply here or send me an email in game @McCracken79
  • Lliph
    I get where you're coming from. I personally can't relate to those who take games so seriously (it's not just with games- I can't understand how people take LIFE seriously). I've found myself very intimidated by the serious tone of many guild descriptions, so I've avoided trying to join any. Of course, it's great to see that I'm not alone in wanting a VERY casual and easygoing gaming experience.

    I myself was thinking of starting a casual-ish rp/pvp guild revolving around pro-necromancy, anti-mages-guild, and anti-divines sentiments (if I can't find one that already exists for DC), so I want to thank you for showing me that there are some people playing who are looking for something less hardcore. :p
  • Marginis
    There are some - or at least one - guild(s) that don't take things too hardcore, at least like what you're describing there. It just takes a while to find those that just enjoy playing the game.

    In my guild, Magicka (you can check us out Here) we try to not take all the fun out of the game by taking it too seriously, with maybe the exception of our RP (just making sure we don't ruin others' fun by being out of character too much). You could very easily check us out, otherwise I'll tell you right now there are some less hardcore players, you just have to be on the lookout for 'em.
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  • ItsMeToo
    There are plenty of guilds that play just for the fun of it, mine included. All you have to do is look around. Good luck in your search... and remember to always have fun.

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    FYI - There is no such thing as 'night capping' in a world wide MMO.
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    FYI - It's B2P not F2P. There is a difference.
    FYI - It doesn't take any player skill to mash keys or buttons in this game. The ones that stay alive longer have the better internet connection and speed.
    FYI - The game is not broken, it still works. It just has 'bugs' that need to be fixed.
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  • snowsong
    Hi McCracker, well said. I for one, agree with you too. STORM-CATS is a fun easy going guild. You are welcome to join us anytime. STORM-CATS GUILD of ESO
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