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the reason why hirelings should be everyones priority

ok so over the last few months ive been logging my hireling mails here is why u should make hirelings your priority im going to post the average amount of resources i recieve in the average week


i have 8 toons all with 3 points into the hireling so i get 16 hireling mails a day for provisioning

i get various amounts of items here but the most important is

tomatoes : 64 on average a week

64 tomatoes can then be used to craft 256 of the purple v5 food recipes

i sell them 300g per so thats 76,800 gold a week from hirelings .

i have 7 toons with 2 points in enchanting and 1 toons with 3

i get on average 10 kuta a week most do come from the 3 point hireling toons but even selling them to the 2k lowballers thats 20k gold

so u get where im going with this from just enchanting and prov hirelings ive made nearly 100k so far

i can break down the cost of value i get for wood,clothing and metal if u like there really is no point from this point on

ill say i have 3 points on all toons in cloth,metal and wood hirelings and u prob get about 100-150k in free materials a week from these

but as u cant tell provisioning weaps the biggest gold returns for time take it literally can take 4 hours of gathering to grind a toon to max in provisioning
u just need a toon that can access the 5 area of your alliance and your golden

best place to grind mats

harbours and main citys

go to a harbour farm everything to save time have auto loot on
go to city farm
stick in bank jump on toon to craft log back to veteran rinse repeat and then just see those hireling only materials roll in ...
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    u can do this on a new toon so please dont sit there saying ive got no life

    a new toon can do this ...

    just get start islands sky shards do one or 2 quests and your golden

    or just invest 3 points into the crafting of provisioning ...

    and grind up using blessed water or whatever your alliances equivalent is.

    then respec once 50 prov and invest those 3 skill points into hireling

    i often do this as blessed water and oat mash seems to be plentifull when looting

    and dispite what people tell you investing 15 points into hireling will not bork your toon there are well over 300 skill points available to completionists

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