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Do guilds disband if membership drops below 10?

I am hurting for bag space so I wondered if a private guild (or one shared with just a few others ) was an option I know you need 10 to start a guild but if you drop below 10 does access to that nice 500 slot bank close and not open again till membership goes back above 10?

if not is this OK to do by the rules of the game?
  • KariTR
    You can withdraw but not deposit any more items, if membership drops below 10.

    Or so I have read.
  • KriHavok
    Once the guild's members drop below 10, the bank icon goes dimmer and becomes locked, so that you can only withdraw and not deposit. Once the members rise above 10 again, then the bank will be fully enabled.
    UESP Staffer & Wiki Editor
  • Windshadow_ESO
    Thanks I knew it seemed too easy
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