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What's the earliest level to realistically get Impulse?

As the title asks, if you start a brand new AOE character (DK/Sorc/Temp) what's the earliest level you would expect to have Impulse.
Keep reading about how amazing it is, but my toons )none of whom are higher than 25) aren't even close to getting it. So I'm curious.
  • Psychoke
    So the problem is with impulse that it has been slightly nerfed, as in more magicka required to cast. For high veteran players that is not an issue to get alot of magicka. But when you are level 30 and have lets say 1,2k magicka. You can cast 4 maybe 5 times impulse and it just doesnt cut it (at least thats my experience with it!)

    On your question i don't know the answer, just thought i would share my experience ;p
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  • reggielee
    depends on how fast you lvl your destruction, im finding it very fast lvling, only started when i was already in my 30s. put mostly destr spells on your toolbar when you turn in quests so it gives them the most exp and it will go fast. use them while farming exp giving mobs too. when you lockpick chests make sure your destruction spells are up then too.
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