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PC/Mac Update 41 Known Issues [Updated March 26, 5:04pm EDT]

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Hi everyone,

In an effort to collate issues discovered after today's launch of Update 41, below is a list of notable known issues and their current status. We'll make a note in the subject when we make any edits or updates.

  • UPDATED! Achievement progress appears to be reset
    • STATUS: Hotfix complete
    • Note that achievement progress is not actually being lost and this is just a display issue. You are free to continue earning progress toward achievements without fear of your progress being lost.
  • UPDATED! Outfit slots are being reset
    • STATUS: Hotfix complete
    • We have deployed a hotfix for this issue. As of the March 13th hotfix, your Outfit Style slots will no longer reset when you rezone while your character is dead. However, if you rezone while your character is dead, any Outfit Styles will be erroneously categorized under "Unavailable". This is a visual issue and you can still use any earned Outfit Styles; reloading the UI will fix this issue until we roll out a full fix for this. We will keep you posted on next steps for any lost Outfit Style presets.
    • We have provided additional information regarding outfit change tokens and experience scrolls that will be granted during the March 25th incremental. For the full write up, please follow the link here.
    • Follow up on the issue where the outfit tokens were not granted on March 25. We have resolved the issue and they will be granted on April 8. For more information, please follow the link here. Thanks!
  • UPDATED! Cannot set online/offline status
    • STATUS: Fixed in March 25 Incremental
    • WORKAROUND: You can swap to Gamepad Mode to set your online/offline status, or click a few pixels below the dropdown arrow to access the menu
  • UI fonts are difficult to read
    • STATUS: Investigating
    • While we did make changes to the UI font rendering in Update 41, we are tracking situations where the UI is too difficult to read and improvements can be made
      • Please ensure addons are either disabled or updated
      • Update your resolution if you can do so
      • Increase your Chat Window Font Size (Settings>Social>Chat Settings>Text Size) or Interface Scale (Settings>Video>Interface>Use Custom Scale)
  • UPDATED!Old Rewards for the Worthy granting two item sets
    • STATUS: Fixed in March 25 Incremental. Fix incorporated for console launch.
    • You are free to open any Rewards of the Worthy containers – those earned before we launched Update 41 or current – and claim the items without any worry of being actioned
  • Game is locking up or freezing after logging in
    • STATUS: Investigating
  • Not all siege weaponry is stacking together
    • STATUS: Working on a fix for future incremental patch
  • UPDATED! Missing Mystery Coffer from Urgarlag, Imperial City & Shadows of the Hist coffers
    • STATUS: Fixed in March 25 incremental. Fix incorporated for console.
  • Gamepad Mode causing framerate drops
    • STATUS: Resolved
    • Disable any 3rd party controller support applications. In U41 we added PS4 controller support for PC. Using a controller with a 3rd party controller support application causes double input, which causes framerate issue.
  • Grave Lord’s Sacrifice is not currently buffing Animate Blastbones
    • STATUS: Working on a fix for future incremental patch
  • Guild history data not populating properly
    • STATUS: Investigating
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  • ZOS_Kevin
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    Hi All, we updated this list to note items that have been fixed for console launch. We still have some fixes coming for both PC and Console in future incremental updates.
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