So, I started streaming ESO recently and wanted to make some rewards for my viewers

When a person watches the live, they get points, I was thinking about making it possible to exchange these viewing points for gold in game.

Is this allowed, or does it qualify as buying gold? @ZOS_Icy @ZOS_GinaBruno @ZOS_Bill @ZOS_Adrikoth @zos

I really had doubts about this, it would be a cool way to give a gift to my most loyal viewers, but I don't want to go against the game's rules! :)
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  • belial5221_ESO
    People give prizes of gold,crown items,etc for viewing and spamming stuff like !ESO,or something.It would be incentive to watch,but will depend on how much gold.Safer as a random reward,so noone exploits running lots of bots to view and make gold.
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